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    Let's talk inclusion
    Posted by Tulika Prasad on March 29 at 08:38 AM  
    I recently attended a concert my son was part of. We went in excited, hoping to watch our son perform with the rest of his group, but what we experienced left us heartbroken. Unlike the rest of t...
    The imperfect friendship - Part 1
    Posted by Fatima Siraja on April 20 at 11:49 PM  
    A few days ago we had a visitor. A seven year old boy who goes to a regular school and I won't use the term 'neurotypical' because no kid is typical, I prefer to just say non-ASD. He came with a lo...
    Posted by Chesta Jain on April 16 at 11:52 PM  
    'Differently-shaped' Today my husband went out and bought some veggies. When I was putting them in the refrigrator, I realised there was a 'differently-shaped' tomato. It looked as if a tomato...