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    Special Mom - Action For Autism by Merry Barua
    Posted by Merry Barua on June 02 at 03:17 PM  
    Dear Readers, WHO AM I? There was a phase in my life when I was known as Neeraj-amma. Though no one calls me that anymore, being amma to Neeraj is a big part of my identity. Which is rather clich...
    Gift from GiftAbled
    Posted by Arun Chandra on May 18 at 10:57 AM  
    Dear Readers, 1)WHAT IS GIFTABLED? Giftabled is a Social Enterprise which works closely with children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. 2)HOW DID WE START? WHAT INSPIRE...
    My way to Chrysallis
    Posted by Diana Tholoor on May 09 at 01:06 PM  
    Dear Readers, WHO AM I? I am Ms. Diana Tholoor, Founder, Chrysallis Performance Arts Centre for the Challenged. I have also been awarded the Sadguru National Award for my work with the Community....
    Mobility is necessary for Inclusion
    Posted by Jo Chopra on April 13 at 03:30 PM  
    Seventeen years ago, my sister Moy Moy bought our daughter Moy Moy a stroller. It was expensiveand out-of-the-question for us at the time andMoy Senior’s generous gesture was a Godsend. For...
    Posted by MEENU SHARMA on April 12 at 06:11 PM  
    WHO AM I ? I am Meenu Sharma. WHAT DO I DO? I am the anchor of TV Show AAP AUR HUMon DISHA TV. I am also a COUNSELOR in DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL ASHOK VIHAR DELHI I am passionate about THEAT...