Stepping stones rehab centre
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      <div>Hi Everyone.... I'm an occupational therapist from Perambur, Chennai. In our centre we treat kids with autism,down syndrome, developmental delay, ADHA, LD, etc....</div> <div>Our services:...
      Parents hyderabad
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      Little BlueJays Care
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      <div>Little BlueJays Care now is 3 years old in the city of Bangalore &nbsp;and invites all the&nbsp;parents &nbsp;to join here and share the updates</div> <div>Warm regards</div> <div>Gopi...
      Bio med and Alternate treatments for Autism
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      <div>To discuss biomedical and alternate treatments used for Autism symptoms.</div>
      My Beautiful World
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      <div>This is a blog for all parents who need support in the early days of autism diagnosis or at a later stage too. It gives a clear picture on what is autism, what to expect, different types of...
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      <div>All information related to Sankalp Charitable Trust and Dakshinya Academy to be discussed here.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div> <p><strong>All Children With Special Needs Have Opportunities...
      Horticultural Therapy
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      <div> <p>Horticultural Therapy connects you back to such a healing environ by offering therapy through plants and gardening activities as a palliative cure. This therapy has the potential to...
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      <div>Mainstreaming education and multidisciplinary therapy center</div>
      Moview Review
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      <div>All movies related to Special Needs can be reviewed here</div>
      Book Review
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      <div>Both Fiction and Non Fiction Books related to Special Needs can be reviewed.</div>