InSpirit with Rashmi Aiyappa


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  • February 19, 2017 - February 19, 2017 ((GMT+05:30) Calcutta)
  • Mumbai
  • C 57 Bandra Kurla Complex .Bandra East .Mumbai .Maharashtra - 400051. (View Map)
  • Inspirit with Rashmi Aiyappa
    A science that was discovered with mysteries hidden in ancient times, secrets about timelessness and theories about life after death - one science that encompasses mechanism of all life forms into a single dynamic format demystifying root cause of all unknown, may it be - suffering from a disease, struggling in situations of life, stuck in a relationship or not knowing yourself at all. A space that has an answer beyond religion, belief, faith, logic and philosophy - it is an experience. A science that the world has been waiting to experience, is now a reality – “Aashwasan ScienceTM.”

    Aashwasan ScienceTM unravels the cause and effect of life and its experiences. The creator of Aashwasan ScienceTM is Rashmi Aiyappa. To the world – she is a renowned Spiritual Scientist, Inventor, Social Innovator and the Founder of Aashwasan Group of Companies.

    Beyond Time and Space into the World Undiscovered.

    The pursuit of happiness has taken many to go deep within. Those endowed with materialistic comfort quickly realize that happiness, contentment and peace does not come from these factors but from within. In the cycle of one’s life, unexpressed emotions stand as a roadblock. We fail to share, express and we often hold ourselves back due to our conditioning. Hence, we do not experience our lives as it was originally designed. This leads us to experience a state of aloofness and isolation in our own existence. Many seek the spiritual path to connect, however, many go astray in the name of seeking. Unconsciously, all of us are seeking within, whether we call it spirituality, finding a purpose or self-actualization. There are questions in all of us and answers lie within us… Aashwasan unravels these answers that lie within us, in an experiential manner. Aashwasan presents a unique journey of experience for Mumbaikars, who are designed to live creating possibilities in overcoming adversities and continuing the quest to fulfil inner dreams. 
    Rashmi Aiyappa will light the evening, where one will demystify, rekindle hope and unite with enlightenment. An evening will unfold with each one of us spreading love and knowing that we will continue to have a lot to give. Because… “Love is where it all begins”….. Rashmi Aiyappa

    Venue: Sofitel, C 57 Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra East Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051 Date: 19th Feb 2016 Time: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm Registration Charges: 3500 INR Last Date for Registration: 15th Feb 2017. RSVP to Confirm : +919731301014/17/20 Email:, /
  • Dear Friends ,

    I am delighted to invite you all for this event by our founder Ms.Rashmi Aiyappa, founder of Aashwasan. She has been instrumental in bringing about a huge difference in my life which has made a huge impact in my son . Taking a journey in Aashwasan has helped me get tuned to my son's needs at a very deep level there by help him overcome various challenges.

    Kindly connect with me @ 9731301020 to know more about this event.
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