Part 3 Daria and Maksim: Painting can be Stress Relieving

Dear Readers,
We had a well established routine and relied on constant inputs and feedbacks. I developed more confidence as I noticed that it became easier for me to work with Maksim and his tantrums had significantly reduced.
Along with ST, OT, general physical exercises, we were also using a lot of visual cues. As no product was available in this field I simply drew for Maksim in notebooks, what we were going to do. This helped me a lot when there were changes made in his regular routine.
We were also lucky to get him an admission to one of the newly opened Montessori schools. It was such a relief for me! Although they could only take him in for half a day, it was such a big relief for me and necessary few hours of not being tense and always in control!
I can't tell you how strange it felt the first few days when Maksim wasn't around, when I didn't have to attend to him and could simply enjoy a cup of coffee in peace!  What made me even happier was that he was fine there; teachers tried their best to make sure our son was comfortable. I must tell you we were extremely lucky, because whoever worked with Maksim were sweet, caring and warm people, they showered him with so much love!
Finally I got time to take care of myself, it was so important! And I am not speaking about looking good; I mean health ... healthy and positive thinking, and optimism. I got it from doing sports and arts. The moment I could establish this stable routine for myself, things got even better, because my frustration and accumulated stress got out of my body, mind and soul, in a very beneficial way.
I am an artistic personality and art helps me to detach, relax, forget and restart. I started doing more of that too, I took art classes to improve my skills and what I noticed was that Maksim was curious and observant while I painted. My teacher just said "Why don't you try to give Maksim a canvas and real paint instead of his kiddie stuff?". So we did... The process of mixing colors, using brushes and paint knife to spread the paint on canvas has brought amazing results. His art is definitely an expression of how he feels, because he picks only certain colors each time he sits down to paint. And now Maksim's painting is being admired so much that we got several requests to sell them! I think they are absolutely unique and precious!
As for me... I think the most important source of strength has always been my family. My husband has always been working hard and traveling a lot for his job, but his belief in me and his constant support, has given me so much strength and confidence! His hard work has given us opportunities to provide Maksim with what he needs. My parents, my in-laws, everyone have been supportive and is behind my ability to go on and never give up. It's very significant to our mental peace to stop and look around at who is THERE for us, instead of focusing on who has chosen not to understand, not to support or even criticize... There were a lot of that too. But somehow it doesn't matter to me anymore.
Thank you,
Love Daria
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