What is Candy

What Is Candy..

I am a mother of a four year old and when she takes me to the refrigerator to pullout a candy, all I see is a substance full of cavities. And I wonder is it even edible or not because when she would bite it with her teeth, will it break or will it stick. I somehow hated it.

But when I looked at my little girl who was looking at it. She saw a colorful attractive looking  wrapper with beautiful twists on both sides.

Yes it is attractive but please eat it now and finish the job. Nope she would open the pack and roll the candy on every dusty furniture or messed up clothes holding germs.

"Hey wait! If you have already rolled it on this mattress, table and your pants then continue to play with it but please please don't eat it now".


Posted in Parenting on February 02 at 10:57 PM

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