Calm and cool Alappuzha

Have you tried to figure out how life finds its goal in Alappuzha.?   Water Is the main element here.

Even time moves  admiring the back waters. Life rarely seeks too much luster here.

Water attains panoramic moods and shades engaging both natives and travelers. water for Alappuzha is  red reflecting  the fire of strife.  Man  finds life’s ends meeting with available fish  paddy and coconuts

Rising water goes into business in the form of coir  industry. In water  ripples  announce the arrival  of      fat cash on house boats .Alappuzha,Kerala

yet  traditional   money making industries  like fish and duck are  still important. thousands of ducks  had perished  at the hands of their owners when bird flu struck,

 Under the not so busy or crowded  sky of Alappuzha canals and backwaters network to provide boat transport in the town. Tomorrow seems promising for skills of the people here-swimming as soon as they walk ,rowing their canoes even  in bad weather.

Northern winter sends many birds to Alappuzha   people though forget to play good hosts when they throw waste into the  scenic  water bodies ;yet  the bird  visitors  embrace the rules  of nature.

Allappuzha  is  also  great inspiration for poetry and painting. Only by wise preservation of nature and heritage while building modern facilities ,more visitors will come ,both human and avian.


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