Product Review - Prepositions And Sentence Picture Match

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                     My English teacher always said that the way a person uses prepositions is a good indicator of his grammar skills. The better way to teach this important aspect is by using bright flash cards which make learning easier as it works through the visual sense, which is the strong point of many kids on the autism spectrum.

The box contains twenty five laminated picture cards and sentence strips that use the preposition in the picture in a sentence. Initially start off by matching the picture card to the sentence strip. As the child gets better at this, cut the preposition part of the picture card and increase the challenge by asking the child to match the preposition to the picture card and then match the sentence strip!



The second game is the sentence picture match where the child has to match forty eight picture cards with their corresponding sentence cards. The cards are colour coded green and red based on level of difficulty. Start with a few cards and read out the sentence if your child has difficulty. Gradually increase the cards without overwhelming the child.

These games increase attention span and problem solving skills. The game is economically priced at INR 140 and the prepositions game costs INR 125.


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Posted in Special Education on June 04 at 07:07 AM

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