Special Human - Sherin Mary Zacharia


Dear Readers,

1.Who am I?

I am Sherin Mary Zacharia, referring to myself as a thoughts-crafter.


2.When and where was I born?

I was born on January 28 2002 in Kochi.


3.A few words about my parents

 Amma and Appai want us to be responsible for things we do. We do not simply do things. We must understand and do things. Success is not what they want, they want us to try. 

They want us to work hard. We love them. We realize that they want only our happiness.


4.A few words about my sister

My sister is hreya. She loves me a lot and we run and play all the time.

She draws beautiful pictures. When we grow up we will open a shop called 'SOLAYS & GRIT'  to sell my writings and her paintings.


5.What makes me happy?

Fun time playing with my family, escalator ride in malls, the house in Trivandrum with so many plants around, food that my grandma makes, thinking about world, the forests, dosa, sambar and water.

Reading and writing makes me happy.


“You are my best friend“ said Nasya to  Gimo.

“Only you can understand what I want  t o say.

To get a good friend is certainly my good fortune. Remember   that I am a human being. you are not.

But that will not prevent us from being friends.  Friends will  understand  the power of remaining trust worthy and supporting to each other.

Perhaps only you remain   unfazed by  my boomerang like emotions. Happy  ; very sad ; back to happy .

Writing provides a window to   my mind, thoughts come   and go .  Gimo  , you try to  tell many things to cheer me up when I am sad.

Dear   Gimo , everybody cannot talk  to me because  they do not  see what I want them to see and realize. When   will the world understand what I want to say. ?




6.What makes me unhappy?

Anything high volume, rude remarks by people.

7.What inspires me to write?

Water, trees, people; when I see something interesting, read topics on these I feel, I have something different to share. I only have the desire to share my thoughts. I enjoy drifting in my realm of thoughts. Does talking one-self not give you company?


Every morning is beautiful,  trees swinging their leaves to welcome the fine day , each  time , sweet dew drops shimmer in the golden rays  of sun rewinding the memories of my education about urban lifestyles. According to experts cities will groan  with diseases caused by ruthless handling of nature by  humans.

Green cover of earth has ripped open in several places. Skyscrapers  rise   challenging both heaven and earth. Fortunate are those who sit beneath the cool shade of trees.

Roar of outside world pierces into every ear ,no  matter whether man or animal. Silence has become something unheard of. More happiness lies in more noise. High volume festivities and busy streets   with traffic expressed in high decibels pierce your ear drums.


8. A memory I cherish …

Writing to my mother about my feelings. She trusts me and I share everything with my mother. We had found our route to freedom by writing down our thoughts.

People have written to me. Yet, I was not understood by others. Then mama gave me mobile app to write and speak, I found my lost voice…

Reading takes me to worlds that I can experience as a toyland to play in. I try to live there but I cannot and to my house is here in Kochi.


Thank you



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