Product Review - The Case Of The Missing Suitcases (Digital Download)

Dear Readers,
This fun guessing game, developed by Speech Time Fun, is great for developing observation skills , thinking skills and inference skills in your kiddo. It costs $3 and can be purchased HERE. This digital download makes your kid develop detective skills as they are hired by Awesome airlines to solve the case of missing suitcases. Several passengers had lost their luggage, which have now been found and your kiddo has to take a look at the contents of these suitcases and infer to whom they belong.
There are 16 passengers - baby, ballerina, magician, doctor, puppy, police officer, scientist, etc. As you can see in the image above, the suitcase has handcuffs, police cap and torch light, hence it belongs to a police officer. The suitcase of a scientist has test tubes, magnet and microscope. Your kiddo has to match the contents of the suitcase to its corresponding profession. Sounds fun and educational, isn't it? 
Thank you
Padma Jyothi
Posted in Autism on May 16 at 08:08 AM

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