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Special Siblings - Brian and Rohit

Dear Readers,

Know my sons , Brian and Rohit and the special bond they share.




Who am I?

I am Brian Varghese Pradeep


3 things you should know about me


I am a Boy

I passed my 12th Std

I have a Brother.


What makes me happy?

I am happy when I go to Church.


What makes me sad?

I am sad when Mama is sick.


What makes me angry?

I am angry when I hear loud sound.


What do I enjoy doing?

I enjoy when I am with my Brother.


A few words about my brother...

My Brother is Rohit Pradeep Ninan. He is in Germany. He is an Engineer.


3 wishes God would grant for me...

1)Jesus Lord take Care of Me

2)Take Care of My Papa, Mama , Achacha 

3) Love Everybody
Here , Rohit shares about himself and his love for his brother...


Who am I?

I am Rohit Pradeep Ninan


What do I do? Where do I live? 

Manufacturing engineer and I live in Hamburg


Childhood memories of Brian?

Each and every moment every one of them is special. I still enjoy going through old pictures of ours together when I am away. 


The one time I was really really angry with him? 

Brian is inquisitive and takes the freedom of asking anything to anyone who he is close with. There was once when a question was shot repetitively which I assumed it would hurt the other person’s feeling. Momentarily  I was angry and snapped which I regret till date. There is a better way of making him understand and we do that by talking it out with him calmly. 


Have I ever felt sad/cried for him?

Not for him, I consider him special and he has achieved great milestones one step at a time. The time I cried my heart out was after the incident mentioned above. That moment when he cried when I snapped at him was unbearable. I cried at night for my actions and slept hugging him tight. 


What do I like most about my brother? 

About him being so genuine and pure and his amazing table manners.


A fond memory of us, I would like to share 

He usually doesn't demand or ask too much. While I was working at Coimbatore, I used to visit home every two weeks and we go for drives over weekends. There was once when he asked me something very specific that he wanted and we made a conversation about it. I was more than happy to go shopping with him and getting what he desired.





You can know about Our Special Journey, right here!


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