Our shopping trips

Socialisation is one of the major impairments  caused by  autism in my daughter Sherin. As she finds it difficult to talk spontaneously  or instantaneously she becomes  very anxious about meeting people. To add to her misery sometimes people whom we come across  ask questions like. 
"This girl cannot talk isn't it? " then follows a long list of treatments, specialists, godmen etc..  until my child  decides  it is better not to socialise, even look at others.
But for the last couple of years I take my kids out to any of the nearby small shops   at least once a week. vegetable shop,fruit stall, ice cream shop, tailor, a textile shop which sells Tees and nightwear, a  fancy items store , bakery, a bag shop, a small medical store and a grocery shop.. each with a staff or two.
all these people are now very accommodating and supportive to my child that they  provide us time to help her pay the bill and collect balance if any. Most of the time a "hi" and a "bye" or more is exchanged. She gets practical experience in turn taking, standing in queue, idea on weights and measures, reading product details on labels and many other opportunities on decision making.
More it is a happy time for my daughters ,  walking together, choosing goodies.. and of course learning money skills .
hope moms will take up shopping as an important lesson to share with their children.
love and regards
Sangeetha John
Posted in Special Education on April 24 at 06:36 PM

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