Simple Homemade Activity

I want to share with you all a activity which is close to my heart. Its homemade in the sense that you can do this with minimum requirements, mostly with things easily available at hand.  We generally do this with scrabble alphabet tiles, you can also use cardboard or chart paper cut outs instead. This activity grows with the child and you can adapt it many ways to suit your needs.  It helps with visual scanning, auditory skills and fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, thinking skills, language and  cognition.

-  If you want to use it for alphabet recognition, spread out a few alphabet tiles as per child's ability and ask him to pick out the alphabets you say from the lot..

- You can spread out all tiles and ask him to spell out the word you are saying like boat and he has to spell it by scanning for the alphabets, picking them up and placing them in sequence.

- Instead of speaking the word, you can show him a picture of  a boat and ask him to spell out the word.

- If you are using chart paper cut outs for alphabets, you can ask him to pick up all green A's and blue B's ,etc.

- You can add a sensory aspect by making him trace sand paper alphabets ( use your old alphabet flash cards. Apply fevicol, sprinkle sand on top and you have sand paper alphabets) and asking him  pick out the alphabet from the lot.

- You can check how far your child has grasped the concept of antonyms you just completed by giving him a word and asking him to spell out its antonym , eg. say hot and ask him to spell out its opposite cold.

- If you child loves numbers, you can do the same activity with number tiles and aim for number recognition, addition, subtraction, tables,etc.            

                         But always remember one major thing when starting any new activity. Start at the level of the child, slowly add new steps and never overwhelm him/her.  Do let me know how you felt about this fun therapy idea and if have any further suggestions to add to the activity, I would love to hear them.

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