My way to Lathas Kitchen Studio


1.Who am I?


I am Lathadevi R Sivakumar, a teacher, home baker and an entrepreneur.


2.Why did I start the Lathas Kitchen Studio in Coimbatore?


I started the studio because I felt there was lack of professional schools which could impart a holistic learning experience in a short period. There were either institutions or colleges that offered long term courses or home based demo classes which doesn’t serve the purpose.


3.How essential is cooking as an Activity of Daily Living?


Cooking is a life skill that helps one to understand to be independent at any point of time in his/her life. It is a basic skill that gives them confidence to handle their daily needs, wherever they are.


4.What is my favourite memory related to my work?


My favourite memory is related to teaching children to bake in a “kids’ festival” organised by Yellow train school, that was when I fell in love with teaching rather than just baking for people. On the day of the fest, I taught about 150 kids in batches who baked cupcakes all by themselves.


5.Can Culinary be a career choice for young autistic adults?


With methodical training, they will be able to engage themselves meaningfully in a production line which will involve repeated actions.


6.What do I have to tell Special Needs Parents, who want to send their children to Lathas Kitchen Studio?


Parents can encourage children showing interest in food to take it up as a tool to mainstream them. We at Lathas Kitchen Studio are working on developing a structured approach towards training the children in specific tasks that will make them comfortable and bring consistent results over a long period, with little assistance from parents and caregivers, they can work as a team and will be able to create a brand for their products.

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