Today my husband went out and bought some veggies. When I was putting them in the refrigrator, I realised there was a 'differently-shaped' tomato. It looked as if a tomato has grown a little finger over it. 
For a instant moment I made a face and thought "what he has bought?" and "why cant he be careful in selecting? and cursing myself why did I allow him to buy veggies? 
But then I thought may be he selected it by his own choice and not randomly. May be he had thought that everyone else who would have come to buy tomatoes would leave that one aside and he felt responsible to pick that one first. 
I really dont know what had happened at the shop but it had made me think that some people in this world are meant to pick 'different' first which maynot be appealing to the rest of the world. 
We can only make efforts and hope that more and more people understand and accept this whether it is 'differently-abled' or 'differently-shaped'.
Posted in Motivational on April 16 at 11:52 PM

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