An incomplete mother..

We always talk about 'Mothers'. It always come like a strong word to us..'Dharti Maata', 'Gaaye Maata', 'Durga Maata' ya 'apni pyari maa'. But do we ever recognize the father. 
People told me, A mother takes pain of nine months to deliever the child. But when I used to visit my Gynec I always saw a long queue of fathers in the waiting hall feeling nervous.
People told me, A mother does not get proper sleep as she has to feed the baby at night. But I saw him waking along with me and cover me with a shawl in those winters. 
People told me, A mother is filled with stress and mood swings when her child is born. But I saw him listening to all my demands very patiently. 
People told me, A mother's lap is the most comfortable place. But I saw him tapping the baby on his shoulder in the middle of the night.
People told me, A mother's 'lori' is the most beautiful sound produced. But I saw him giggling with his child and I find it the most beautiful of all.
People told me, A mother's life becomes a rollercoaster with handling home, kid and work. But I saw him doing laundry and telling me go out for a spa. 
A mother may be a superb but still incomplete without her child's father. 
Thank you for completing both of us! 
Happy Birthday!  7th April 2017
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