Stories of normal children on Autism..

An evening of Autism Awareness Day! 
I asked those little children who came for workshop on Child Development on Worlds Autism Awareness Day, "Do you know what is Autism?". Some said "Yes, some kids are weak but we should not make fun of them", the other one answered "some kids understand things late".
But when I asked about Albert Einstein, A beautiful little girl said "He hardly spoke to anyone but he kept doing his task and became a great scientist". 
Yes!! They maynot have known the Autism meaning but the child knew about a Autisic person quite well. 
I asked again if they can tell me story of Taare Zameen Pe movie. Another girl delievered it so well indicating that talents are hidden and we need to explore it, the way little boy in movie turns out to be an artist. 
I want to thank those teachers who have taught a COMPLETE story of Einstein. I want to thank team of Taare Zamme pe for bringing that topic in media and help the kids understand better. And I want to thank those children who have talked with us so openly about their different friends and shared their emotions with us. Annd I want to thank the one who created worlds autism awareness day so that people like us can feel the need to google 'Autism'
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