Life A Series of Crests and Troughs

Life is a series of crests and troughs,

The crests never seem to be enough,

And the troughs seem to go on till eternity.

And we just waste our time in self-pity.

If only we could contemplate,

Be a little patient and wait.

We would realize that the troughs redirect our lives .

They transform us by encouraging us to delve within ourselves.

They leads us to our designated goals.

So let us follow them with our complete heart and souls.

Let's be patient and pray with fervent,

And let the troughs pass without any  dent.

Every time the troughs help us to realize ,

that we have become a little more wise.

So whatever happens is for our good,

Is what is to be believed and understood.

Let's accept the troughs courageously ,

realizing their worth ,

And ardently believe them as opportunities of  growth.


 _Sai Suman 

Posted in Autism on March 27 at 07:11 PM

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