A three-year old girl loves a man of thirty!

The journey began almost an year back, when we moved from Delhi to Gurgaon. Nishka has been taking her physical therepy by that time at Delhi which had a complete passive stretching technique. The young doctors use to discuss their lunch programs while they were giving therepies to the child, and all what mother use to do was just playing some toy so that the kid may stop crying during stretchings. And we were still at the best center.
The life took a turn when we moved to Gurgaon and we discovered at a rehab center the concept of 'Neuro Developmental Therepy'. The idea was interesting and convincing. We were amazed to find out that therepy is not just about passive stretching but making child functional by her own active efforts.  
But Nishka never liked it. All she wanted was crawl around and not let any therepist touch her. It went on for quite few months and we kept on trying from 'letting her cry',  'sending mommy out', 'working on behavior and not physical therepy'. The time was crucial and we were loosing it out, forget about the financial and travel pressures. 
I quickly understood that I need to become her therepist and not just her mommy. I tried to learn about muscles, holdings, reach and what not. And practiced with Nishka at home. She was calm and would do sessions with me for long at home. She was improving but with slow pace. 
After few months with regular mellow drama, they both learnt about each other's comfort zone. Either Nishka would giveup her demand or her therepist (Sir) would finish the activity from 8 raps to just 5. It was becoming fun session.
After an year now, life has become a routine where Nishka would wait for her Sir, enjoy the session, laugh out when he would crash her on cushions or lift her to touch the ceilings; upturn her to make her walk with her hands or, simply offer her his nose to paint on. 
Nishka loves it more and more, and her day looks incomplete when Sir is not there for session. She pretends to call him "Sir aao" or simply ask me "Sir paas jaana hai". And when he is there with her she would hang on him and say "Sir chalo" and ask me to leave. 
Love does not have boundaries of age or relationship, you just have to see it around. 
Happy birthday Sir! 
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