Top 10 Things to Never Say to Parents of a Special Needs Child

This is a forward
“It’s just a phase.” | No, no it is not just a phase. A phase is liking a red shirt over a blue shirt. A phase is not screaming because your socks don’t feel good.
“He’ll grow out of it.” | He will grow. He will change. It is our goal to help himlearn how to self-regulate, but he can’t “grow out of it” on his own.
“All kids do that.” | You are right. All kids have sensory processing preferences.  However, it doesn’t keep all kids from going to the grocery store, a public bathroom, or a birthday party, does it?
“She just needs more discipline.” | Oh, believe me… we have tried all kinds of discipline. In fact, we still parent her, we’ve just learned what is sensory related and what is her pushing buttons.
“Back in my day, that was called “being a kid”. | Back in your day, we didn’t know as much as we know now about the human brain and sensory processing.
“She looks so normal.” | She is normal. Thank you. However, her brain works differently than her peers.
“Your kid doesn’t look autistic.” | Let’s not even go there.
“He knows exactly what he is doing.” | Maybe. Most likely not. Either way, we are working on teaching him socially acceptable ways to manage his reactions.
“He just needs to run off some energy.” | Have you seen our house? We have a swing, a crash pad, a trampoline, a climbing wall, a sit and spin, sensory bins, and ropes… I am not sure “getting his energy out” is all that is needed.
“If he was my kid…. “| But, he is not. Please don’t tell me I should spank him, ground him, reprimand him when you don’t know what we’ve been through.
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