24 times joy!

I am still struggling to make my 3 year old stand. Day by day I reduce my support for her and try to make her stand on own holding a furniture. It has been part of our daily routine without knowing when we would achieve our targets.

So, on one rather quite afternoon, we were on our daily routine when the door bell rang. I left her sitting on her chair and asked her to color her book on the bed and went out to open the door. After a minute when I was back, from the hallway I saw her standing holding the bed!! Few of her crayons had fallen on the carpet. She was bending to pick one by one and keeping them in the box.

Yesss!! For the first time..she had achieved her milestone 'pull to stand'. For a moment I was shaken, did I left her in standing posture but cannot happen. I was even scared to go near her as she may get distracted and fall off. I simply asked the speech therepist who had arrived to capture this moment from a distance.

She was so happy and confident that she kept doing it 24 times. I can easily count it because it was a pack of 24 crayons. I wished I had got a bigger box for her but I kept on cheering her from distance..very good Nishka!!..very good!! You have done it..We have done it!!

You may not know the timelines, but you know your efforts will bear fruit one day. And when that day comes, your joy knows no bounds because you worked so hard to achieve it!!
Cheers to all kids, parents and therapists!! Keep trying and achieving!!
Posted in Gross Motor on March 15 at 10:33 PM

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