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Nishka's daily physical and speech therepies were cancelled yesterday and we had ample time thinking what can be done now! I was also wondering how boring a normal mother's life would be because I find therepies so much fun.

 We finally decided to go to park. It becomes a routine if any new person travels in elevator along and asks - 'why is your daughter still in a stroller', or if she is standing they carefully looks at her AFOs but doesnt makes an attempt to ask. I find a pity look in their eyes but I always exchange that proud look on my face that God has given us opportunity to feel special, think of those things which only few would think.

 With all these thoughts in elevator, we reached the park - full of noises and running kids here and there. My 3 year old gets super excited and prompts me to take her to a slide, not like a 6 month old directly on slide but like any other 3 year old who climbs the stairs and would slide themself. I always agree to her requests related to gross motor, giving me opportunity to add some home therepy, which I strongly believe in. So we were climbing the staircase of slide happily even with so much difficulty of stepping up. The other kids asked for the way on the stairs as they did not want to wait for her to finish as it was taking time. She got so angry and started screaming on them as they quickly bypassed her. I could have easily yelled on her not to scream or push other kid, or I could have simply ignored to climb her up in this peak hour, but then i told her some kids are fast walkers and some are slow walkers and it's good that we are slow ones. She smiled and behaved positively. I dont know if she understood this but I understood alot of things.

 I had also asked a 3 year old girl if she would want to play with her but she refused saying my girl is too small to play with her. I know that girl wanted to run in the park and go up and down on the monkeybars, and that my same aged girl cannot do it yet, so it is understandable. But should I just take it like that, so it was time to change the play in a order which would suit all the kids (with or without developmental delay). We all reached on the top of that multiple slide castle looking zone, making my kid stand somewhat with all other kids and I asked all the kids there to wave a bye to everyone down there. It was somewhat easy for my girl and she was superexcited and became noisy with all other kids.

 If we cannot change the world, sometimes we can change ourselves and the world will look changed.
Posted in Gross Motor on March 14 at 11:10 PM

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