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A World to Emulate

Dear Son,

I am trying to build a bridge between your World and mine,

For we live in a world of a really different kind.

 In doing this ,I might falter ,

I might fall.

Please bear with me and be with me ,when we go through them all.


I know not if my World is perfect

But I want to give you a choice.

Waiting patiently for your opinion to voice.

What's important is to take the good from the two worlds we tread and make a world of our very own instead.

Which will be one of faith ,peace ,love ,togetherness and acceptance.

For these are the very reasons for our existence.

Who knows our world could be one for others to emulate.

Then we all would be in one enlightened world,wouldn't that be great!!!!


With love Suman
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Posted in on February 09 at 07:55 PM

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