Eating - Morning Noon and Night

The question I dread everyday is ," what will be cooked for lunch and dinner?" My son sits down to eat and looks at his plate, then after a long pause he says, " I don't feel like eating , Roti and Sabzi. I, want to eat something Non Vegetarian." On the day " something Non Vegetarian" is cooked, he says," I can't eat this, I have stopped eating chicken." Really, since when? The food is either too hot or too cold. It is either too bland or "too teekhaa", which makes me wonder, what does he really want to eat. I want to see him eating one meal , without any complains. That is the dream. There are days when I have to coax him to put a spoonful of rice in his mouth. Then watch him play with the spoon and not even begin to chew. After , the first few spoonfuls of rice, suddenly the gravy is either too salty or too sweet or too "teekhaa". Why does this always happen after about 1/4 th or 1/2 the amount of food on his plate, has been consumed. Which begs the question, " Do all children behave like this?" One day our neighbour's kid had lunch with us. Later in the evening , his mom apologetically asks, " Hope he did not cause any problem, he is a finicky eater". I assured her that her son had eaten, 3 rotis and two pieces of chicken. Her jaw dropped," 3 ROTIS !!!", she was almost in tears. " Ritu , please invite him for lunch everyday , will you?" 

Turns out , my kid loves to eat anything my neighbour cooks, and her kid loves to eat at our place. So every now and then we keep giving each other bowls of Fish, Chicken or Rajma Chawal. Kids!!!!! Let me know , if you have experienced anything similar. 

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